Economy of Banjaluka

According to preliminary results of the Population, Housing and Housing Census 2013 in Banja Luka area, ie 1,239 square kilometers, there were 199,191 inhabitants, followed by an average population density of 160.77 inhabitants per square kilometer. According to preliminary results of the October 2013 population census, there are 65,225 households and 87,986 dwellings listed in the city. The Republican Bureau of Statistics conducted an estimate of the number of population for 2014, according to which, in the area of ​​Banja Luka, 230,616 inhabitants, and thus the population density in Banja Luka area is 186.13 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Struktura i broj preduzeća prema Baza CLER

Structure and number of enterprises according to Baza CLER

Number of employees according to the Republika Srpska Statistical Office of Statistics

Pregled broja nezaposlenih u Birou Banja Luka po zanimanjima na dan 31.12.2016. godine

An overview of the number of unemployed in Banja Luka by occupations