EURAXESS is a unique internet portal that provides access to a wide range of information and support services for European and non-European researchers who want to continue their careers or start their careers in Europe.

EURAXESS provides support to researchers who want to pursue a career in a European country, as well as scientific organizations looking for outstanding research talents. EURAXESS is a pan-European initiative, supported by 35 countries across Europe.

CIDEA – City Development Agency Banja Luka is a EURAXESS service center in Banja Luka and is available to foreign researchers coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to businesses interested in finding partners in academic circles.

Using the EURAXESS portal, business owners can find help among academic circles and institutions in order to research, patent, develop, fund different products and activities.

On the portal you can find thousands of job offers, funding opportunities, and free help to change the country of residence and work for researchers.