Approved projects

Tabular review of the value of projects approved in 2018,2019 and 2020

Number Project Name Value / KM Donor
1 “Strengthening capacities of educational institutions for the implementation of practical teaching and training for workers in the sectors of leather / footwear and textiles. 121.183,09 Swiss Ambassador Prilika plus
2 “Training of unemployed persons according to the needs of employers in the metal sector” 137.343,20 Swiss Ambassador Prilika plus
3 Training of workers in the catering sector- “Gastrofokus 45.000,00 Swiss Ambassador Prilika plus
4 “Establishing Infrastructure for Competitive Support to Improve Competitiveness and Market Development in the Dairy Sector” 63.036,50 USAID FARMA 2
5 YEP INCUBATOR 50.000,00 YEP – Youth Employment Program
6 Strengthening Local Partnerships for Employment in Textile Industries 126.332,93 ILO – International Labor Organization
7 The way Forward 48.895,75 Europe for Citizens
8 Support to the establishment and development of companies through the establishment of a new support mechanism for the establishment and development of companies for persons under 30 years of age 418.700,00 EU4BUSINESS – International Labour Organisation   “Bosnia and Herzegovina Local Development Strategies”
9 Strengthen entrepreneurial skills of Cultural and Creative Industries for the valorization of cultural heritage and the development of sustainable tourism models in the Adriatic-Ionian regions 195.339,23 INTERREG V-B Adriatic-Ionian ADRION Programme 2014-2020
10 Improving Accessibility and Availability of Health and Social Services to Enhance Social Inclusion Quality for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities-ASIQ 1.124.841,06 INTERREG IPA CBC  Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020
11 3D in action – Print to protect 14.668,73  International Organisation for Migration
12 Enhancing Competencies and Practical Skills – ECPS 49.870,93 Western Balkan Fund
13 Clean energy in public institutions 3.520.494,00 Czech Ambassy
14 Improvement of the tourist, traffic and everyday services through the development of the smart bus stop with info tourist display – SBSwITD -Smart bus stop 57.505,31 UNDP
15 20 Detection of Dangerous Road Conditions – DDRC 48.895,75 UNDP
16 Sound traffic lights for greater freedom of movement and traffic safety 32.024,76 UNDP
TOTAL 6.054.131,23