Registration process

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Legal forms of companies within the meaning of this Law:

  • Art society, (o.d.);
  • Limited Partnership, (k.d.);
  • Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.) i
  • Joint stock company (a.d) (open and closed).

The registration process of business entities (companies and other persons established with business activities), after processing and / or verification of founding documents, commences submission of the application to the registration agency in the Agency for Mediation, Information and Financial Services of APIF, where I complete the downloading of the documentation.

This means that the business entity is not obliged to address the competent economic register, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Srpska Statistical Office, individually, in order to achieve the completion of all activities necessary for the commencement of the economic activity.

The most common form of establishment is the establishment of a limited liability company.

Issuing an approval for the performance, change of data and performance of craft-entrepreneurial activities is under the responsibility of the Department for the Economy of the City Administration of Banja Luka and you can find out all the necessary information here.

Steps in the registration process