Banja Luka, as the main administrative, cultural and educational centre of the Republic of Srpska has got all levels of education.

Preschool education is carried out in the Public Institution Preschool Education Centre. This Institution currently disposes of 20 kindergartens where, at any point, there are approximately 2,500 children. 20% of children are provided with services of preschool education. There is also a number of kindergartens in the city which are privately owned.

Elementary education is carried out in 29 central and 29 field schools, as well as in two specialised centres: “Zaštiti me” /Protect me/ and Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Listening and Speaking. In 2011/2012 there were approximately 17,000 pupils attending schools from first to ninth grade.
As regards secondary education, both general and specialised, there are 17 secondary schools in the territory of the city, whereof 13 public and four private schools. In the school year 2011/2012 approximately 11,000 students attended secondary schools.

Banja Luka is known as a university city. In the City on the Vrbas River, students from all over the RS, BiH and wider have the possibility of acquiring university degree at the Public University of Banja Luka, which consists of 16 faculties and 52 study programmes. There are approximately 17,000 students attending the Public University. The University also has got three very important units which are very important for the development of science: University Computer Centre, University Entrepreneurial Centre and Genetic Resources Centre. The University currently employs 600 professors, 400 assistants and 450 administrative workers. Student organisations exist at faculties and are very active, as is the Student Parliament. There are ten universities and colleges in Banja Luka which are privately owned.