Wood Industry

The Republic of Srpska’s forestry and wood processing industries are a related reproductive activity whose activity is the cultivation and exploitation of forests and products of sawn timber, elements, panels, veneers and final timber products.
There are about 500 companies operating in the wood processing industry of the Republika Srpska, employing about 9,000 workers. Of the total production in the manufacturing industry, the woodworking and furniture industries account for more than 16% or 10.5% of the total industry of the Republic of Spska.
Foreign trade on an annual basis is around KM 500 million, with exports accounting for KM 400 million, of which furniture exports account for most and amounts to KM 160 million. The value of imports ranges from 90-95 million KM, so that the exported export is four times higher than the realized import. The surplus in foreign trade on an annual basis is realized in the amount of over 300 million KM.
According to APIF data, the final business report for 2015 was submitted by 2816 companies in the Banja Luka area, of which 37 were from the Banja Luka timber industry.

Wood sector APIF 2018

According to the records of the Department of Economy, 31 sole proprietors operate in the timber sector in the city of Banja Luka.

Wood sector SP 2018