Program COSME

COSME is the EU program for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs, running from 2014 to 2020, which is intended for small and medium entrepreneurs, but also national, regional and other organizations, entrepreneurship associations and institutions that support grants, promotions and entrepreneurship development.

It covers the activities of making and implementing policies in the entrepreneurship area.

The main goal is to increase European enterprises competitiveness, decrease unemployment rate, make supportive entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurship development.

Supported sections:

  • Access to finance – easier approach to SMEs funds
  • Access to markets – supporting SMEs in finding new collaboration partners
  • Creating better framework conditions for competitiveness
  • Entrepreneurship encouragement – mentoring and education especially for young people, women and senior entrepreneurs

Expected results: easier access to funds, self-employment and entrepreneurship development which creates new working places and competitive industry.

Planned budget for COSME is EUR 2.3 billion. This program will provide grants for SMEs up to 150 000 €, which will offer easier and better access to venture capital.


  • Existing entrepreneurs (small enterprises) – easier access to funds for development, consolidation and business growth
  • Future entrepreneurs (including young entrepreneurs) – help during the establishment of enterprises
  • National, regional and local authorities

It is set to last until 2020.

Contact: Republic Agency for SMEs Development

Bojan Cudic

Phone: + 387 51 222 120
Fax: +387 51 222 121

More information can be found on the following web sites: – access to finance – access to markets – creating better framework conditions for competitiveness – entrepreneurship encouragement