Road traffic

The most common type of transport in the territory of Banja Luka is road transport. There are main roads M4 (Novi Grad — Doboj) and M16 (Gradiška — Crna Rijeka (Jajce)), as well as some less important regional and local roads running through the city.

The City is 50 kilometres away from the Sava River and 60 kilometres from the Pan-European Corridor X, via which it has got a very good road connection with Belgrade (327 km), Zagreb (182 km), Ljubljana (253 km), Vienna (386 km), Budapest (336 km) and further towards the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Somewhat weaker although relatively good is the connection with bigger centres of Mt. Dinara and maritime part of the Balkan Peninsula such as: Sarajevo (236 km), Mostar (190 km), Split (190 km), Tuzla (160 km) and Podgorica (400 km).

Among the most important sections is the E-661 Banja Luka – Gradiška motorway, which connects Banja Luka with E-70 Belgrade – Zagreb motorway in the Republic of Croatia and it has been operational since 2012. As regards this direction, it is necessary to construct a bridge on the Sava River in order for this section to be even more frequently used and have a simpler access to Corridor X (Belgrade –Zagreb motorway). After the completion of this project Banja Luka will be the first bigger city in Bosnia and Herzegovina which has direct access to Corridor X (Belgrade –Zagreb motorway).

Construction of the motorway which will connect Banja Luka and Doboj started in the second half of 2012. In the forthcoming period it is expected to start with the construction of a network of motorways which will provide good connection of Banja Luka with all important directions: Novi Grad – Banja Luka, Šamac –Doboj, Šamac – Bijeljina and Banja Luka-Kupres.