There are three mobile operators in the Republic of Srpska: m:tel, BH Telekom and Eronet. All three operators support the second and the third generation of mobile network. Total number of subscribers on m:tel is 1.201.600 i.e. penetration is 83.46%.

Telekom Srpske a.d. Banjaluka offers the most recent telecommunication services in the field of mobile telephony, fixed telephony, internet and transfer of data unified under the corporate brand of m:tel companies.

Fixed telecommunication services in the Republic of Srpska are provided by Telekom Srpske. New technologies have been applied to carry out digitalisation of around 97.74%.

Utilization of the fixed network capacity:
• Total installed capacity of the network is 498.434 phone lines,
• Total unused capacity of the network is 340.898 phone lines.

Penetration (number of subscribers/size of the population) is 23.67%.

Territory, population and roads in the RS covered by the mobile network signal:
• Population 99.00 %
• Territory 86.10 %
• Transport routes 98.15 %

As regards internet services in the Republic of Srpska, private and business users can use wireless and optical connections, as well as ISDN, ADSL and other types of internet connection.

In order to make phone calls to the Republic of Srpska from abroad country code is +387.

Important telephone numbers:
• Police: 122
• Fire Brigade: 123
• Emergency: 124
• Road Assistance: 1285