Mineral resources

The territory of the City of Banja Luka is characterised by complex geological composition and structure of mineral resources the reserves of which are potentially important but insufficiently explored. Hitherto researches have been mainly of prospecting character and merely indicated the appearance of different minerals. Detailed research was carried out only in the area of some finding sites and, according to the current state, metalliferous sites are considered to be the following:

• Coal: Ramići, Petrićevac;

• Bauxite: Manjača, Čemernica;

• Copper ore: Kozara Mt.;

• Iron ore: territory of Bronzani Majdan (Stratinska, Gomjenica);

• Manganese ore: south part of Kozara Mt.;

• Barite: wider area of Bronzani Majdan (Rakitovača, Stratinska, Kmećani);

• Cement marl: Ramići;

• Sand quartz: Karalići, Savići (Potkozarje);

• Ceramic and brick clay: Tunjice;

• Construction stone: Ljubačevo, Planina, Vrbanja;

• Thermo-mineral waters: Srpske Toplice.

Only some minerals and finding sites are included in economic exploitation: sand quartz (Potkozarje), limestone and construction stone (Ljubačevo, Planina and Vrbanja) and brick clay (Tunjice). In addition, thermo-mineral waters are exploited in Srpske Toplice, but far below identified and potential reserves.