The City Development Agency Banja Luka and the Faculty of Technology are organizing the event „Don’t let waste become a garbage“

The City Development Agency and the Faculty of Technology Banja Luka are organizing the event on the May 25th 2021 called „Don’t let waste become a garbage“, supported by the European Commission. The event will be held at the Faculty of Technology and it is organized under the initiative „European Social Economy Regions 2021 – ESER.“

The main subject of the event in Banja Luka is to present potential innovative solutions in environmental protection – recycling and revitalization of the spaces. The plan is to gather all important stakeholders in one place and present certain problems and potential solutions, in order to work on the mutual initiatives in the future, that can be implemented in new, attractive, and innovative ways. The main goal of the event “Don’t let waste become a garbage” is to use presentations and education to show the benefits of recycling and to present the example of best practice by the development of the Tourist-Recreational Center Manjaca.

Due to the implementation of the Coronavirus pandemic protection measures, only a certain number of people with the invitation can attend this event.