District heating of the city of Banja Luka commenced immediately after the great earthquake or in 1970 within the Banja Luka Restoration Directorate when OOUR /Basic Organisation of Associated Labour/ “Toplana” was established. As of then, the development has been carried out in the direction of expanding district heating of the city and increasing the installed power of boilers. Simultaneously with the expansion of boiler units, the works were done on the primary hot water network of 45 km and secondary heating network from substations to consumers in the length of approximately 110 km. Fuel oil reservoirs were built with 12,530 m³ of capacity or for storage of 11,500 t of fuel oil which, in technical and technological sense, allows maintenance of continued supply, production of sufficient quantity of energy and maintenance of optimal interim stocks of fuel oil.

District heating system of Banja Luka has the total of 228 MW of installed sources of energy and represents the biggest district heating system using fuel oil in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Structure of consumers – buyers of energy is composed of 80 % households (residential consumers) or approximately 1/3 of residential fund of the city of Banja Luka which makes 1,078,000 m² of heating area with approximately 19,500 – 20,000 residential units or connected consumption of 162 MW. The remaining 20 % of buyers of energy are companies, institutions and craft workshops or approximately 650 different business buyers with consumption of 41 MW of connected load.