Railway transport

Railway network in the Republic of Srpska is 425 kilometres long. The Republic of Srpska is connected via railway network on two main railway routes:

1. Route east-west, which connects east with the western border of the Republic of Srpska, in other words Croatia with Serbia.

2. Route north-south, which connects countries of Central Europe and Croatia with the Adriatic Sea, via the Republic of Srpska.

Republic of Srpska railroads currently provide transportation for approximately 450,000 passengers annually and around 5 million tonnes of goods. Speed of passenger trains ranges from 50 to 100 km/hour and of freight trains from 50 to 75 km/hour, while gross weight of trains is up to 1200 tonnes. Railway infrastructure is undergoing repair and reconstruction and plans include modernisation of rail by 2015 for the speed up to 120 km/h on the route Novi Grad – Doboj – Zvornik, which is an ancillary route to relieve Corridor X and Šamac – Doboj – Jablanica (Maglaj) route which belongs to Corridor Vc.

It has also been planned to renew trains and wagons whereby new freight wagons and passenger trains will be purchased.

More information about RS railway services: www.zrs-rs.com